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“These guys are like the bluegrass equivalent of the “Dogs Playing Poker” painting. It’s casual, but still professional, and friendly, but also very metal.” Milwaukee Record

Formed in 2015 in the dead center of the thriving Midwest roots music scene in Stevens Point, WI, the four members of Dig Deep drew inspiration from their shared appreciation for traditional bluegrass and country music, their love of rock and roll, and their combined decades of hard gigging in the punk/metal scenes, local bars, roadhouses, and regional festivals. Three releases and 1,000+ shows later, they have firmly established themselves as a unique and powerful force in the roots world.


With a body of work that showcases their vision, craft, heart, and clout as songwriters and instrumentalists, Dig Deep has earned a reputation for their well-honed and hard-edged sound that goes far beyond bluegrass, as well as their blistering and boisterous live performances that give audiences much more than a string band show.


FESIVAL APPEARANCES: Blue Ox Music Festival, Eau Claire, WI; Westport Roots Festival, Kansas City, MO; Northern Roundup, Gleason, WI; Choice City Stomp, Fort Collins, CO; Boats and Bluegrass, Winona, MN; Wisconsin Bluegrass Festival, The Sylvee, Madison, WI; Vintage Torque Fest, Dubuque, IA; Moon Dance Music Festival, Gleason, WI; Mid West Music Fest, Winona, MN; Porterfield Country Music Festival, Marinette, WI; Symco Shakedown, Symco, WI; Jackpine Jamboree, Birnamwood, WI; Main Street Music Fest, Oshkosh, WI; Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival, Marquette, MI; Mountaintop Music Festival, Wakefield, MI; Tip-up Pike Jam, Stevens Point, WI; Pondstock, Lake Hedke, NE; Flatrock Bluegrass Jamboree, Marion, WI; Project Mayhem Bluegrass, Punk, and Metal Festival, Rhinelander, WI; Solgrass Music Festival, Washington, WI.

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